2021 Open House Week


We believe the best way to evaluate whether a school is right for your family is to actually see the school in action and speak personally with school leadership. During this week, parents have several options for visiting the school:

  • Individual Meeting and Tour – Parents can set up individual meetings with the administrator, Mr. Good, and he will provide an overview of the vision and mission of EMS, a personalized tour of the school (including classroom visits to the specific grades of interest), and a curriculum and pedagogy review. These meetings can be scheduled anytime during the school day, Monday (Feb 15) through Friday (Feb 19). For prospective kindergarten students, please note that Thursday, March 11 is the Kindergarten Testing Day. Several time slots are available that day and can be scheduled through the school office.
  • Student Shadow Day (Grades 7-12) – Parents can have their prospective middle or high school students shadow an EMS student for a day. Prospective students will be given a daylong program that includes all the components of a regularly programmed EMS high school student. This will give prospective students a “real life” look at EMS’s academic program. If parents choose, on the same day they can also arrange an individual meeting with the Administrator, Mr. Good. The office will work schedules for the “Student Shadow” visits on a case-by-case basis.

In cases where parents can not make a “day-time” visit work, Mr. Good is willing to make some room for evening individual tours and meetings. Please contact the school office at 717-738-4266 with any questions.

Ephrata Mennonite School partners with parents and churches to challenge students to become Citizens of the Kingdom of God, who are Lifelong Learners and Team Players, through Diligent Work and Academic Excellence.