Our Vision

It’s a privilege to be part of the larger story of building God’s Kingdom at EMS. For 75 years, our community has worked to instill in our children the values of the Kingdom of God. Will you consider being part of the work by joining one of our Kingdom Building Teams? We envision raising a generation of Kingdom citizens who will be faithful followers of Jesus. May His Kingdom come!

Project Fundraising
- $12,000,000
- $9,000,000
- $6,000,000
- $3,000,000

Our Story

Since 1946, we have partnered with parents to provide a high-quality, conservative Anabaptist education to children in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. We nurture, with kindness and love, every child. Our uniquely “Anabaptist” education focuses on following Jesus as the essence of Christianity. Our tagline, “Learning to Serve,” captures our desire to equip our students to use their specific gifts to build God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

It is an exciting time here at EMS! Our vision for discipling children in the way of Jesus has led to a nearly 50% increase in enrollment over the last ten years. Presently we have 330 students and we expect to grow to approximately 380 students. Though growth is a blessing, our children are obliged to take lessons in garden sheds, closets, and a modular building, while our teachers work in storage rooms and hallways. Our water and sewer systems are causing problems from both age and increased usage. We simply cannot continue as we are.


We explored campus expansion on our present site, but we are surrounded by Agriculture Preserve farmland. Further, we were advised by our construction company that adding onto our old building is not financially or structurally wise. Therefore, after much prayer, we began the search for another site for a new campus. In an amazing story of God’s provision, we identified twenty-eight acres of land for sale that would perfectly accompany our school and vision. We also developed a prospective site plan and building print.

The scope of our project is ambitious and we humbly acknowledge that we cannot accomplish it by ourselves. We will only succeed if we have the leadership and help of our larger community. Therefore, we are inviting you to join us in the work of building God’s Kingdom.  We are hoping, Lord willing, to complete the project by the summer of 2023.


This twenty-eight acre plot of land, situated a quarter mile north of our current location, is under contract for $2,050,000. It will provide:

  • A chapel, permanent classrooms, tutoring centers, a backyard agricultural program, athletic fields, a gymnasium, and teacher workrooms
  • Sufficient parking for school events like Christmas programs, Grandparent’s Day, Track and Field Day, etc
  • Future expansion possibilities that could include a large auditorium, a school-benefiting thrift store/coffee shop, etc
Anabaptist Vision

We envision raising up a generation of leaders who are committed to the Anabaptist vision. This includes:

  • Emphasizing simple obedience to Jesus Christ, the perfect revelation of God, the Word
  • Building the global Kingdom of God while rejecting the earthly kingdoms of this world
  • Accepting the Scriptures as trustworthy and authoritative for our lives
  • Participating as active members in local churches
Academic Excellence

We believe Christians have the best reasons to learn and we see our graduates becoming experts in their fields for the glory of God. Our rigorous educational program includes:

  • Full accreditation by the Middle States Association
  • Numerous AP and early college courses
  • Work-based learning and career development options
  • A culminating senior project outlining thoughtful Anabaptist responses to various contemporary issues

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Ephrata Mennonite School partners with parents and churches to challenge students to become Citizens of the Kingdom of God, who are Lifelong Learners and Team Players, through Diligent Work and Academic Excellence.