We believe a rigorous, coherent curriculum is essential for student learning. A strong curriculum supports our vision that all students, not just future college students, be able to read and write well and to be able to think critically. We embrace the idea that a high quality curriculum requires diligent work.

A high quality curriculum must also be vertically aligned. That is to say, each year, students should learn the skills and knowledge that prepare them for the subsequent year. As a K-12 school, EMS is uniquely positioned to ensure vertical alignment. Our Math (Saxon) and English (Institute for Excellence in Writing – IEW) curricula, nationally recognized programs, are both complete K-12 programs with tight vertical alignment. In addition, we have a fully developed curricula available for all subjects and all grades.

In our curricular offerings we have numerous college and career readiness options including Advanced Placement (AP) Courses, Dual Enrollment, and Work-based Learning options.

Our curriculum is directly aligned to the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. Our course sequence guide provides information on the classes offered, graduation requirements, and the recommended course sequences. EMS credit and course requirements meet the Pennsylvania state requirements. When students transfer to EMS, they will meet with the Administrator for a transcript review to determine which of their incoming courses can be substituted for EMS requirements.



Ephrata Mennonite School partners with parents and churches to challenge students to become Citizens of the Kingdom of God, who are Lifelong Learners and Team Players, through Diligent Work and Academic Excellence.