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Since 1946, we have provided a high-quality, conservative Anabaptist education to children in Lancaster County. Our vision led to a nearly 50% increase in enrollment over the last ten years. Presently we have 383 students. The growth is a blessing, but our children are taking lessons in garden sheds, closets, and modulars. Our water and sewer systems are struggling to keep up.

Hoover Building Specialists (HBS) advised that adding onto our old building (some of which is 75 years old) is not financially or structurally wise. Amazingly, God provided a beautiful 28 acre parcel of land only a quarter mile away that will perfectly accommodate our school.

God also provided the perfect buyer for our current school! We are pleased that Bethesda Christian Fellowship will continue to use this facility to do the discipleship work of the church.

HBS designed for us a simply organized school that is also high quality and will last for many decades. Our children will have space for school chapels, HS choir, Christmas programs, graduations, etc. Children who have special needs will have learning spaces to receive individual instruction. A Community Center will be provided where our students can exercise, eat, and fellowship together. Our Community Center will be available for churches to host receptions, recreate together, or hold other large community events such as auctions, singing programs, etc, during nonschool hours.

Excavation is currently underway and we are expecting construction to begin in March of 2022! We need your help to raise the rest of the funds. We are praying that the Lord will allow us to enter the building, Fall of 2023, completely debt free! Will you help us? We are looking for able and willing donors to give generously to this work to advance the Kingdom of God for another 75 years! Please prayerfully consider making a generous donation to this work.


The 28 acre plot of ground the Lord has given to EMS for our new school:

  • A chapel, permanent classrooms, tutoring centers, a backyard agricultural program, athletic fields, a Community Center, and teacher workrooms
  • Sufficient parking for school events like Christmas programs, Grandparent’s Day, Track and Field Day, etc
  • Future expansion possibilities that could include a large auditorium, a school-benefiting thrift store/coffee shop, etc
Anabaptist Vision

We envision raising up a generation of leaders who are committed to the Anabaptist vision. This includes:

  • Emphasizing simple obedience to Jesus Christ
  • Building the global Kingdom of God
  • Accepting the Scriptures as authoritative
  • Participating as active members in local churches
Academic Excellence

We believe Christians have the best reasons to learn and we see our graduates becoming experts in their fields for the glory of God. Our rigorous educational program includes:

  • Full accreditation by the Middle States Association
  • Numerous AP and early college courses
  • Work-based learning and career development options
  • A capstone senior project outlining Anabaptist responses to current issues

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Ephrata Mennonite School partners with parents and churches to challenge students to become Citizens of the Kingdom of God, who are Lifelong Learners and Team Players, through Diligent Work and Academic Excellence.